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Private Lessons are offered through the band program and are available to every band student. The private lesson staff includes degreed educators that are handpicked by the directors. Individual instruction is extremely beneficial due to the one-on-one teaching environment. The private teacher is able to design a program that meets each individual student's needs, allowing each student to progress at his/her own rate of ability. Professional teachers on each instrument will be available to teach these lessons during band class & before or after school.Much of the individual success throughout the DMS Band Program can be attributed to the private lesson program and the superior private lesson staff. More importantly, much of the success of our students is due to the private lessons. The high number of students enrolled in the program at Dowell Middle School has allowed a high standard of performance to be maintained. Supplemental lessons are not required (for most instruments), but are strongly recommended.

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Alastair Frey  206-437-8692

Stephanie Smith 


Kristyn Reed 214-998-0962


Milena Egan 214-725-9709


Kathy Horner 972-658-9141


Mike Korson 214-709-6140

Rahim Rupani 972-897-8855


Julia Flores  214-674-1953

Paul Stephens  214-663-4759

Steve Stark 469-396-2996

French Horn

Abdiel Alomodovar 940-268- 9987 


Dr. Seth Vatt   423-309-6317

Rob McDaniel   872-514-3966


Rob McDaniel   872-514-3966


Don Pierce 214-504-5155


Steven Washington   817-448-5186